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How do I remove harshness/brightness from my audio system?

An often-repeated question from audiophiles is “how do I remove harshness/brightness from my audio system?”  Well, components or combinations of audio equipment can inherently sound this way in your room.  However, quality mechanical Isolation systems can go a long way to help with removing the harder or harsher edges from your musical notes. Careful system placements and cable choices can do big things.  Yes, accessories do make a substantial difference! 

It is a general misconception that harmful vibrations only enter your audio equipment externally from your room.  Most harmonics are produced internally by your audio equipment.  Factors such as transformers, power supplies and electronic components resonating to the frequency of the music signal, these frequencies exit then enter components on your rack.  Audio components are micro phonic picking up these frequencies and simply repeating them causing a reverberation, this is heard through your speakers as a ghosting after the last note has been played, – in other words it is not clear.  

The AG Lifter isolation products are designed to be a mechanical diode stopping resonance from entering the audio components in both directions.  Isolation as a solution is very effective through our testing and research and development.  Today’s technology by AG Lifter is the pinnacle of this. 

Andre Gil