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ag lifter

brilliance in isolation

ag lifter

brilliance in isolation

More Music Less Noise

Quieter background,
An open musical presentation,
Deeper, tighter and increased defined base notes,
Organic and natural textures,
Increased weight and scale to the sound stage,
Increase in detail in all frequencies.


AG Lifter Crescendo 4 Shelf Isolation Rack

The AG Lifter philosophy is the Crescendo Isolation Rack is the foundation of your Hi Fi System. It is the essential first building block to measure your Hi Fi Equipment and future investments.

What our philosophy means is implementing the AG Lifter Crescendo Isolation Rack in your system will reduce harmonics which cause blurriness, harsh and hard edges to your music. This will then provide a wide, open, detailed, textured sound stage with extended deep bass response, compared to standard racking systems or furniture. Its elegant design is aesthetically pleasing, making your listening environment look spacious and contemporary.

Photo shown has Dulcet Gold Isolation Feet Upgrade

Euphonious Rack

The AG Lifter Euphonious Rack provides a detailed and life like sound stage. It will outperform any standard or custom cabinetry and racking systems. This may be one of your best investments you make in Audio. The AG Lifter Euphonious Isolation Rack, only surpassed by the AG Lifter Crescendo Isolation Rack is an industry breakthrough offering a truly isolated upgradable audio racking system as an affordable product in the AG Lifter Range

Crescendo Power Amplifier Stand

The AG Lifter Crescendo Amplifier Stand is our ultimate design based on the proven Crescendo Audio Isolation Rack. To take full advantage of your AG Lifter Crescendo Amplifier Stand the frame design allows the adjustment of each isolation foot for the architecture of the power amplifier placed on the stand. This adjustment pays dividends to the overall end performance of the amplifier stand.

The racking frame is constructed from proprietary designed aluminium extrusion (ISO 9001) and anodised in silver or black satin durable finishes. Match anodised billet aluminium caps are permanently pressed into the vertical pillars. This quality of manufacture has allowed AG Lifter to offer a lifetime frame warranty. Custom frames may be ordered for any dimension of power amplifier or mono power amplifiers.

Euphonious Amplifier Stand

The AG Lifter Euphonious Amplifier Stand is custom designed for the weight and dimensions of most heavy weight Power Amplifiers and Power Conditioners/Regenerators. The AG Lifter Euphonious Amplifier Stand will improve the performance of your Power Amp/Conditioner/Regenerator by lowering the noise floor creating a blacker background. This will result in increased openness, detail and bass response; all the same advantages of the signal and source level components on the AG Lifter Euphonious Rack.

Dulcet 19 GOLD Isolation Feet

AG Lifter have just released the gold series isolation foot Dulcet 19 GOLD, technology built upon our traditional designs. This foot incorporates billet brass CNC machined upper and lower components and a revised rubber centre section. This is a no expense spared high performance build; some raw materials are five times the cost of the standard foot. Why did we do this, simply because it produces better music! A clearer, tighter and more detailed sound, particularly midrange resolution, very natural tones and textures, sound staging is scaled to size and show’s exceptional depth of field layering the instruments, while retaining excellent bass response.

A uniquely formulated clear coat is applied to the brass components of the Dulcet 19 Gold isolation feet before assembly. The clear coat comprises of a two pack epoxy clear primer with fine gold metal flakes and UV additives for a highly presentable and a highly durable finish.

Dulcet 20 GOLD Isolation Feet

The Dulcet 20 Gold isolation feet can be used individually for audio components on furniture with an operating range exceeding 20kg. The effective load rating for the Dulcet 20 Gold Isolation Feet is suited to heavy weight audio components such as Power Amplifiers, Power conditioners/regenerators etc. The Dulcet 20 Gold Isolation Feet are the foundation of all AG Lifter isolation racks.

Dulcet 19 (small) Isolation Feet


  • Total Height just over 32mm for Dulcet 19 Isolation Feet
  • Dulcet 19 Feet are suitable for Components weighing up to 20kg
  • Black Anodized Billet Aluminium Componentry
  • 100% natural nitrile rubber isolation
  • Custom formulated Nitrile rubber
  • Stainless Steel 316 ball

    Dulcet 20 (large) Isolation Feet


    • Total Height just over 38mm for Dulcet 20 Isolation Feet
    • Dulcet 20 Feet are suitable for Components weighing over 20kg
    • Black Anodized Billet Aluminium Componentry
    • 100% natural nitrile rubber isolation
    • Custom formulated Nitrile rubber
    • Stainless Steel 316 ball

      TurnTable Isolation Feet

      The Turntable Isolation System is made from a custom nitrile developed to remove resonances between 2-20 Hz. This Isolation System enhances the performance of your table by floating the turntable’s plint on the shelf. This three-layer isolating material is specifically designed to interlock, using conical raised surfaces at different heights, to support the plinth and to contact your shelf. A rubber bearing shaped centre section interlocks the upper and lower isolating sections. The Turntable Isolation System comes in a set of four feet


      Set up for your AG Lifter Isolation Feet is critical to get the best listening experience
      and the most out of your purchase.  The more components you install the
      isolation Feet under the better your system performs. 

      Positioning your AG Lifter Isolation Feet

      Try to verify where the transformers and power supplies are located in your
      component.  These are normally at the rear of your equipment.  Place
      2 of the Isolation feet under these areas, use the remaining feet in the front
      to balance the unit.  For larger components such as power amplifiers and
      power conditioners – more isolation feet may be required.  Please place
      the Isolation Feet down on your rack/shelf with the ball bearing on top in
      contact with the base of your component, and the flat base will be
      sitting on your shelf/rack.  

      How It Started

      AG Lifter is powered by AE Gil Technologies, a 100% Kiwi Owned and Operated engineering-based company, born of over 35 years’ experience in industrial engineering, design and automation, with engineering capabilities extending into category one motorsport. Andre and Vanessa Gil, Company Directors and avid music lovers, created AG Lifter out of passion for high quality audio reproduction and New Zealand made products by like-minded Kiwi Companies.
      AG Lifter Mk 1 Isolation Foot was born, on completion the proto-type was tested and performed favourably. This was the driver toward understanding the problems present in the Audiophile’s listening environment. Now we have arrived at Mk 6, this product alone, went through over 40 changes from its conception. Through extensive research and development, we reached our goal.


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